Our mind is enriched by what we receive, our heart by what we give.
— Victor Hugo


Hello, and thanks for visiting Soele.


I created this brand based on my belief that our clothing can and should be made responsibly and sustainably. That is, our purchases should support brands who are working to improve the world in line with our personal beliefs. So, I sought to learn.

While researching Alpaca farming practices, I met Mike Safley. Mike is an expert in Alpaca rearing, focused on increasing contact between the Alpaca breeders and textile manufacturers in Peru. After meeting Mike and learning more about the benefits of Alpaca, both in terms of quality textiles, and community impact, Soele’s mission became clear.

We invest in the highest quality materials and we invest in those who weave our sweaters every day. We employ workers' communities in Peru, whom we have personally met to ensure that their working conditions meet our high ethical standards, and that each sweater is hand-tailored.

Quality, respect and sustainability are what you support each time you wear your Soele sweater with the blue band with pride.


-Miles, Founder